Cosmetic dental treatments
Modern solutions for more beauty
If you think that you have to forget the smile altogether with the loss of teeth or the ugliness of the smile, you are very wrong. Aesthetic dentistry will bring back your smile with modern and conservative solutions.

Beauty has always been the concern of all people of all ages, genders and races. In the past, if a tooth was lost for any reason, even if it was neglected, it was impossible to get it back, but nowadays, serious programs in the maintenance of teeth and also alternative solutions It has solved this problem for missing teeth.

  • Correcting the smile design
  • Dental laminate
  • Dental implant
  • Don’t know composite
  • Correcting the smile design

Smile design (beauty)

Smile design correction or smile design includes a series of beauty treatments to create a beautiful smile.

These treatments include bleaching, dental laminates, composite veneers, full ceramic veneers, etc., to correct the color, shape, form, position and other things and give the patient a beautiful and attractive smile.

Another point in the correction of the smile designer is that this treatment is not only performed on people who have damaged, broken, disorganized and discolored teeth, but also on those who have good and healthy teeth, sometimes with small changes in the form. Or teeth whitening can make a significant positive change in a person’s appearance.


Cosmetic dental treatments are very diverse and with the advancement of technology and dental equipment, it becomes better, more accurate and easier day by day.

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the shape and appearance of teeth and smile, although oral health is also considered. The most common cosmetic dentistry treatments are teeth whitening, dental composite, dental laminate, veneers, enamel shaping and contouring, orthodontics, bridges and implants.


Certainly, having a pleasant, white, neat and beautiful smile while increasing the beauty potential of your face will increase your self-confidence and your social status.

Fixed prosthesis

For sure, one of the expressive and subtle manifestations of a person is his beautiful and pleasant smile. The beauty of a smile is the result of the coordination and harmony of the parts of the face and the shape of the teeth.

In order to achieve this harmony, it may be necessary to make changes in the shape of the gums, the length of the teeth, the distance between the teeth and the prominence of the teeth, so that a beautiful smile can be achieved.

In fact, there are relationships between the components of the face, the size of each element, their color and shape in combination with each other, which makes the face desirable and beautiful if the proportions of these relationships are met.

A cosmetic dentist must know these components and the relationships between them and pay attention to them.